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Henry Lawrence Faulkner

Henry Lawrence Faulkner

Henry Faulkner was born in Holland, Kentucky in 1924. With his mother’s demise in 1926, he and his ten brothers and sisters were positioned in a children’s home in Louisville, Kentucky the place he would be compelled to return several occasions in his early life. By 1930, Henry had been positioned in a number of foster homes, however eventually settled in Falling Timber, in Clay County.
Henry was at all times all for artwork, making his early paints from poke berries and other pure materials. At age 15, during one among his returns to the children’s dwelling, he enrolled as a scholarship student in the Louisville School of Art where he began to study art seriously. In 1942, Henry left http://www.finearteditions.net/product-category/henry-lawrence-faulkner-sketches/ Louisville, and though he continued his drawing and writing (he was a penetrating and prolific author), he started what was to be a protracted interval of touring the place he would meet among others, Ezra Pound, as an inpatient at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Henry first moved to Lexington in 1956 to continue his painting, drawing and writing in a more urban environment. At this time he additionally started his family-an odd collection of cats and a goat (which would accompany him everywhere during his travels). Through the late fifties he exhibited at galleries in New York, Ohio and Florida where his work was nicely received. In 1959 he met Tennessee Williams and a life-lengthy associateship started, and he would travel back and forth from Kentucky to Florida till his death. He was exhibiting recurrently in New York, Ohio and Florida and his fame was turning into quite solid. In 1961, he went to Taormina, Sicily, in Italy, and it was there he perfected his painting style. Within the mid-sixties, Henry made Lexington his permanent summer season dwelling and the Florida Keys his winter home.

Faulkner continued his painting, writing and touring throughout the seventies. He was an avid collector of furniture, antiques and clothing on which he spent all of the earnings from his paintings. His personal type, wit and that imagination left lasting impressions on all who met him. Henry died in 1981 on account of an automobile accident just ¼ mile from his home.